Oh noes!

Apr. 20th, 2017 05:06 pm
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I now haz a Dreamwidth account.

As to why, here it is in a nutshell from The Mary Sue:

LiveJournal was bought by the Russian company SUP Media in 2007, but the servers themselves weren’t relocated to Russia until December of 2016. The new Terms of Service (TOS) agreement bans “political solicitation” and requires that any content which is considered “inappropriate for children according to Russian law” be marked as adult/18+ content. Given Russia’s attitudes toward LGBTQIA content, this likely means any queer content must be marked as 18+. Some users have argued that the new terms could even constitute an outright ban on LGBTQIA content.

In addition, any LiveJournal blog which receives more than 3,000 viewers in a 24-hour period must register as a media outlet; this places that blog’s content under even further content restrictions. Critics of the new policy further worry that LiveJournal’s compliance efforts will expose users to the Russian police force’s invasive web monitoring.

Uh, no. Afraid not. Thanks, but I'll pass.
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Recently, I posted something foo quickly for my own good (the thing on George Ryan's most recent attempt to get released from prison, this time due to his wife's terminal illness) and have since deleted it since my grasp on some of the subject matter was a little more feeble than I'd like. My apologies to unhipster and suburbancowboy for the obvious outcome (i.e., the deletion of their comments along with the post - I wish that didn't happen automatically, but it does).  

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