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Wait 'till the fire turns green

Because my karma ran over my dogma

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Name:Wait 'till the fire turns green
Birthdate:Aug 18
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Website:Wait 'till the fire turns green (Blogger edition)

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Many, many moons ago, a human male was born on a world which - although eternally vacillating between the military extremes of sheer boredom and sheer terror - was thankfully bereft of the prehistoric predators that would've kept us furry rats for all time. He learned to read, write, perform something *resembling* mathematics, and even learned how to play the mysterious cousin of the trumpet known as the "cornet" for a short while. Furthermore, he learned to think. Sadly, upon his majority, he also learned certain other pleasures which shall rename nameless. It was one of the less vile ones (i.e., Role-playing games) where upon he received his strange title of Archfiend, since the club he belonged to was undergoing an identity crisis and titles such as "President" and such were considered far too normal by the odd friends who deemed him thus. Thus, he walks the earth with this name, fully comprehending that he has in fact saddled himself with it far too often at science fiction conventions and that strange beast known as the "online forum". Ah, life.
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